PSG’s core strength is our people. Founders Lisa Price and Lorrie Clark have always practiced what they preach, and PSG boasts a culturally collaborative team of experts dedicated to shared values and impeccable results. Our clients and candidates are the beneficiaries of this high-performing culture and over 20 years of leadership expertise.

At PSG, everyone has a seat at the table. While always accessible to share their insights and expertise, Lisa and Lorrie have fostered an environment of accountable autonomy, independent thinking, and individual initiative where everyone contributes and the wins are shared. The two founding partners have established a foundation of “leadership throughout” which translates to a more agile and responsive experience for our clients, and a rewarding experience for the whole team.

The future is bright. PSG embraced digital innovation early on, and continues to seek out ways to leverage new technology, processes, and assessments to add service value for our clients. PSG’s leadership embraces the evolving marketplace and new opportunities. We don’t stand still.