PSG has gained experience in virtually every business sector. Our clients range from Fortune 500 clients to mid and small organizations. The following is a sampling of completed assignments, in various business sectors:

Financial ServicesDirector Human Resources

Aviation Manager, Maintenance Response
Aviation Manager, Digital & Corporate Information Solutions
Aviation Manager, Project Manager Office
Aviation Manager, ITM Customer Experience Programs
Aviation Portfolio Delivery Manager
Aviation Manager Maintenance Response
Aviation Associate Director Capital Restoration
Aviation Director Aviation Infrastructure, Energy & Environment
Aviation HR Business Partner
Aviation Mechanical/Life Safety Systems Engineer
Aviation Senior Manager ICT Vendor Management
Aviation Senior Project Manager
Aviation Associate Director Service Delivery
Aviation Manager Health Safety & Training
Aviation Embedded Energy Manager
Aviation Manager, Fleet Management Services
Aviation Director Performance Management
Consumer Products/Retail Vice President Operations
Consumer Products/Retail Director IT
Consumer Products/Retail Director Specialty Sales
Consumer Products/Retail District Sales Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Senior Brand Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Director HR
Consumer Products/Retail National Account Manager – The Home Depot
Consumer Products/Retail Recruitment Manager, Retail Operations
Consumer Products/Retail Manager, Sales Development Bilingual
Consumer Products/Retail Laboratory Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Maintenance Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Purchasing Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Partner Human Resources
Consumer Products/Retail Manager, Total Rewards
Consumer Products/Retail Organizational Change Management Consultant
Consumer Products/Retail Assistant Controller
Consumer Products/Retail Area Sales Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Channel Marketing Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Senior Director Operations
Consumer Products/Retail Director, Business Systems Transformation
Consumer Products/Retail Director Purchasing
Consumer Products/Retail Associate Manager Licensing
Consumer Products/Retail Manager, Trade Marketing
Consumer Products/Retail Director Channel Marketing
Consumer Products/Retail Manager, HR Programs
Consumer Products/Retail National Account Manager, Wal-Mart
Consumer Products/Retail Sales Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Human Resources
Consumer Products/Retail Regional HR Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Manager Logistics
Consumer Products/Retail QA Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Credit and Collections Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Pricing Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Credit Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Payroll Manager
Consumer Products/Retail HR Manager – Labour Relations
Consumer Products/Retail Warehouse Manager
Consumer Products/Retail HR Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Manager Organizational Development
Consumer Products/Retail Business Development Manager – Canada
Consumer Products/Retail Customer Service Manager/Logistics
Consumer Products/Retail Regional Sales Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Marketing Manager Channel Development
Consumer Products/Retail General Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Marketing
Consumer Products/Retail Human Resources Manager – Bilingual
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Recruitment
Consumer Products/Retail Recruitment Manager
Consumer Products/Retail District Manager
Consumer Products/Retail Marketing Manager Education
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Real Estate
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Operations
Consumer Products/Retail Director of Franchising
Consumer Products/Retail Director Finance
Digital & Social Media Senior Director, Platform Development (SaaS)
Digital & Social Media Director, Community Moderation
Digital & Social Media Director, Analysis & Strategy
Digital & Social Media Director, Product Management (SaaS)
Digital & Social Media Sr. Business Analyst, Digital Platforms
Digital & Social Media SEO & SEM Specialist
Digital & Social Media Director, SEO & Advertising Strategy
Digital & Social Media Content & Community Manager
Digital & Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategy
Digital & Social Media Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing
Digital & Social Media Creative Director, Digital
Digital & Social Media Sr. Manager, Content Marketing
Digital & Social Media Director, Quality Assurance (SaaS)
Digital & Social Media Art Director, Digital & Social Media
Digital & Social Media Director, Digital Project Management
Digital & Social Media Manager, Mobile Strategy & Partnerships
Digital & Social Media Director, Digital Sales Integration
Digital & Social Media Head of User Experience & Design
Distribution HR Manager
Distribution Global CFO
Distribution COO
Distribution Snr VP Operations-LATAM
Distribution Senior Director Finance
Distribution Manager of Accounting
Distribution Inventory Control Manager
Distribution Traffic Manager
Energy/Resources Fleet Asset Services Manager
Energy/Resources Training Manager
Energy/Resources Corporate Recruiter
Energy/Resources Director, Marketing & Communications
Energy/Resources Residential Sales Manager
Energy/Resources Vice President Sales & Marketing
Energy/Resources Channel Sales Manager, Residential
Energy/Resources Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Energy/Resources Quality Control Manager
Energy/Resources Production Manager-Toronto Operations
Energy/Resources Senior Accountant Financial Reporting
Energy/Resources Senior Credit Manager
Energy/Resources District Manager
Energy/Resources Manager, Customer Service
Energy/Resources Senior Credit Analyst
Energy/Resources Director Supply Chain Management
Financial Services Manager, Operations & Client Services
Financial Services Vice President Sales
Financial Services Manager Talent Aquisition
Financial Services Director, Client Services
Financial Services Manager, Business Planning & Analysis
Financial Services Manager, Recruitment
Financial Services AVP Human Resources
Financial Services Vice President Regional Sales
Financial Services Vice President Segment Sales
Financial Services Vice President & Canadian DSM
Financial Services Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
Financial Services Director Securities
General/Civil Construction Health & Safety Specialist
General/Civil Construction Manager, Facilities Systems Engineering
General/Civil Construction Assistant General Manager
General/Civil Construction Senior Project Manager
General/Civil Construction Health, Safety & Risk Manager
General/Civil Construction Branch Operations Manager
General/Civil Construction General Manager
General/Civil Construction Project Manager
General/Civil Construction Director, Modernization and Construction
General/Civil Construction Financial Controller
General/Civil Construction Site Superintendent
Industrial/Supply Chain Director Human Resources
Industrial/Supply Chain VP Human Resources
Industrial/Supply Chain HR Business Partner – Talent & Development
Industrial/Supply Chain Senior Technical Sales Representative
Industrial/Supply Chain Manufacturing Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Manager,Benefits
Industrial/Supply Chain Sales Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain General Accountant
Industrial/Supply Chain Maintenance Planner
Industrial/Supply Chain Field Supervisor – Installations
Industrial/Supply Chain Account Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Regional Manager Administration
Industrial/Supply Chain Director Human Resources
Industrial/Supply Chain Engineer Specifier Representative
Industrial/Supply Chain Regional Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Controller
Industrial/Supply Chain Territory Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain CEO
Industrial/Supply Chain National Sales Coordination Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Senior National Sales Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain National Sales Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain HR Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Supply Chain Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Materials Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Director Supply Chain Management
Industrial/Supply Chain Director Human Resources
Industrial/Supply Chain HR Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Operations Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Fabrication Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Director Business Development
Industrial/Supply Chain QA Manager
Industrial/Supply Chain Director of Sales
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental VP Finance
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Marketing Manager
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental General Sales Manager
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Manager Financial Planning & Analysis
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Human Resources Manager, Ontario
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Accounting Manager-Eastern Division
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Manager Compensation, Benefits & Pension
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Director of Sales
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Manager Financial Reporting & Analysis
Life Sciences/Pharma/Environmental Director of Sales, Canada
Media/Technology Lender Development Manager
Media/Technology Director, Lender Solutions
Media/Technology Strategic Relationship Manager
Media/Technology Director of Human Resources
Media/Technology QA Manager
Media/Technology Director of Marketing
Media/Technology Director Internal Audit
Media/Technology Regional Manager – GTA
Media/Technology Media Production Manager
Media/Technology Payroll Manager
Not-for-Profit Director of Marketing & Communications
Not-for-Profit Director Operations
Not-for-Profit Marketing & Digital Communications Officer
Not-for-Profit Instructional Designer
Not-for-Profit Examinations Specialist
Not-for-Profit Manager Program Development
Not-for-Profit Manager of Recruitment
Not-for-Profit Training and Development Manager
Not-for-Profit Director, Member Services & Chapter Operations
Not-for-Profit Senior Accountant
Not-for-Profit Chapter Manager
Service Vice President Human Resources
Service Director Finance
Service HR Manager
Service Client Service Manager-Vancouver
Service Senior Manager, Compensation & Benefits
Service VP Business Development
Service Labour Relations Specialist
Service Regional Sales Manager
Service Chief Operating Officer
Service Labour & Employment Paraprofessional
Service Human Resources Manager
Service Vice President of Public Relations
Service HR Manager
Service Director of Finance
Service Director of Marketing
Service Strategic Relationship Executive
Service Vice President of Business Development
Service Customer Service Manager
Service Business Development & Communication Manager
Service Business Manager, Retail Development Services
Service Facilities Manager
Service Assistant Marketing Manager
Service Product Manager – US
Service Manager Training and Development