An effective confidential search approach is an art and can only be perfected with experience. PSG has invested decades to perfect a process that is built upon the principles of trust and discretion. In the last several years, as restructuring efforts and mergers/acquisitions have been on the rise, 50% of our engagements are “quiet” or confidential searches.

Attracting the best to a role requires the art of sharing an intriguing story with an attractive mandate without disclosing your brand. The words we use and the statements we make are carefully crafted for accuracy while carefully considering information can easily be “Googled” by prospects in the market. We do our own prior research to ensure our language and our statements cannot be tied back to publically accessible data when creating role positioning statements.


We modify our Committed Search Accountability Blueprint to include key elements required for an effective and quiet search in market:

  • We approach talent with a carefully researched and crafted role profile delivering an intriguing story while managing expectations of the candidate and ensuring your brand and organization stays confidential
  • Candidates may have a series of meetings with you before they know who you are and the organization you work for. We prepare you and the candidate for these interviews to ensure privacy and discretion are understood
  • We ask short-listed candidates to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to releasing any further details about your organization
  • We limit the exposure of your brand until the late stages of the search when reaching finalist candidates