Culture is often mistakenly thought of as an intangible, something that “just happens” as your company evolves and grows. In reality, an organization’s culture impacts the ability to achieve goals and culture affects the bottom line. At PSG we’re serious about these impacts.

Objectives define your goals and destination. Behaviours are the actions taken to reach the destination. Culture is the composite of the individual behaviours across your team. Our Culture Shaping & Leadership Acceleration programs have been developed to align your business culture and enable your leaders and teams with collaboration concepts and tools to put into practice on a day-to-day basis.


Culture Benchmarking & Assessment – Holistic Hiring

Process Facilitation

Facilitated Teamwork Process
Facilitated Change Management Process

Skills Development

Interviewing & Selection
Systemic Thinking


Change Management Workshop
Coaching Workshop
Communication Workshop
Conflict Workshop
Problem Solving Workshop
Teamwork Workshop


Our programs respect the principles of adult learning to optimize value to every participant and your organization:

  • Adults want real benefits from the time they invest
  • Adults want a learning process that respects their experience
  • Adults want to understand why as much as how
  • Adults want feedback that tells them how well they are doing
  • Adults want the learning process to be fun and engaging


With over thirty years experience working for one of the largest freight forwarding companies in the world, Ray Getson leads our Culture Shaping & Leadership Development service area. As a facilitator, coach, and consultant, Ray takes ideas and makes them easily understood with real life examples and anecdotes. He has an exceptional capacity to define problems, see opportunities, formulate solutions that are appropriate to the situation, and evaluate outcomes. He is logical, thoughtful, and inquisitive.

Ray respects the principles of adult learning and always strives to create a safe environment for his clients to participate and learn. He takes the time to listen for and identify learning moments; he finds ways to help others grow.

Areas of expertise and interest for Ray include Leadership, Communication, Team, Conflict, Systemic Thinking, Problem Solving, Interviewing and Recruitment, Performance Management, Body Language, and The Model of Human Behaviour (DISC) and Change Management.

Instruments & Certification

The PSG team is trained and certified in the Thomas PPA, Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue), 360, General Intelligence Assessments (GIA) and Team assessment suites of DISC analysis tools. DISC is the most widely used behavioural assessment model in the world today and the Thomas PPA system was specifically designed to understand people’s work styles and behaviour. PSG leverages the Thomas PPA tools to assess team behaviours and culture as they relate to cohesion, cooperation, and ability to achieve business goals providing expert insight into hiring and organizational development impacts.