Time, resources and budget can place quite a bit of pressure on your ability to proactively source top leadership talent. Your team is likely focused on the roles you need filled today, working through a change management process, or even navigating a restructuring which all add complexity and time to your efforts. How do you ease the amount of time and energy it takes to ensure you’re tapping into the top talent in-market, ensure your market-intelligence is sound, and grow a pipeline of qualified candidates who are attracted to your employer brand?

PSG has developed the Leadership Pipeline service to help you achieve all of the aforementioned goals, improve your efficiency, extend your team and turn your top-talent recruiting into a proactive effort. Based on your mandates, roles, and areas of growth, we work with you to develop target roles and then actively research the current market on your behalf. We uncover the best leadership talent skilled and aligned to work within your organization and market your employer brand to generate interest. You receive current market intelligence on skillsets, movement desirability, compensation expectations and competitive draw. Have PSG help you build your Leadership Pipeline, and get a step ahead of your competition.

Leadership Pipeline Speeds-Up Hiring Time & Improves Your Efficiency

Our clients have reduced their total hiring-time by up to 20%, extended their own internal recruitment capabilities without hiring and reduced their external recruitment costs by up to two-thirds.

Leadership Pipeline


Our Leadership Pipeline clients have been able to:

  • Reduce external recruitment costs by up to two-thirds
  • Proactively expand profiles of top talent in the marketplace across all company disciplines such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and Technology
  • Leverage current market intelligence for decision making on compensation, skill-sets, titles/responsibilities and competitive employer brands
  • Improve leadership hiring quality and turnaround time
  • Extend internal HR team capabilities without additional staffing