Get in Gear: 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Conducting a Confidential Search…..

Confidential Search

Getting ready to find and hire that perfect employee? We all know that sometimes we’d rather have a tooth pulled than go through this process, but when it’s necessary to replace an underperforming team member or fill a vacant position you may have to bite the bullet. Doing it right can save you time and money, not to mention hiring headaches.

These mistakes, so common when conducting a confidential search, should be avoided. Instead, use this advice to get that confidential search underway without a hitch. 


1.     Starting the road trip without a map. Planning ahead is crucial, so devising a hiring plan can help you avoid common hiring mistakes from the very beginning. Make sure you are clear about how you are going to conduct your confidential search.

2.     “I’ve got all the time in the world.” No, you don’t. An effective confidential search takes time, but it should also be conducted within a reasonable amount of time. Taking too long leaves potential candidates searching for other avenues, and suddenly the competition looks that much more appealing…

3.     Having a weak link. You need to figure out who will be included in the confidential search. Select wisely, because having a weak link on your team will only cause problems down the road.

4.     Keeping it in the family. Sometimes this works. Most times it is just a really bad idea. Instead, working with an outside supplier, such as a well-respected, experienced executive search firm, can make the difference between a successful confidential search and one that leaves a lot to be desired.

5.     Interviews on a park bench. So your executive search firm has conducted a confidential search and found you the perfect candidate. The interview is not only a time for you to get to know their strengths, but also a time to impress them. Interviewing them at the local coffee shop is not going to do that. If you are using an executive search firm, ensure that they have a location you can use and take advantage of it.

6.     Airing your laundry in public. All of that paperwork needs to be completed in a file that is password protected, so make sure that any firm you work with (as well as your own company) takes steps to keep your confidential data secure.

7.     Having a map without a legend. Make sure that the new hire understands their role and what is expected of them. Throwing them into the deep end without telling them how to swim won’t accomplish anything.

8.     “Check out the new guy.” When introducing the new team member to the rest of your staff delivery is key. Make sure that these introductions are done is a way that respects the new hire’s position and lets staff members know that they should welcome them.

Avoiding common hiring mistakes during your confidential search is the best way to get the most from the entire process. Rather than dealing with the headache that will inevitably come with these mistakes, keep it at bay by conducting your confidential search in consultation with an executive search firm.

To learn more about how to avoid being caught up the creek without a paddle by effectively conducting a confidential search, please contact Permanent Search Group by calling 1-905-276-2006 or visit

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