Lasting Solutions Talks Conscious Career Planning

When it comes to your professional future, you are the one in the driver’s seat, and thus must be in control. When you are looking for different strategies to make some changes (whether within your current company or outside of it), it is important to have a plan and know where you would like to be down the road.

Check out this great PDF from our friends at Lasting Solutions. The Conscious Career Planning: Top 10 Strategic Tips List breaks down the top methods that you can utilize to help strengthen your search.

Some of the top tips:

–        Take advantage of the benefit of personal assessments – know your strengths and weaknesses.
–        Invest in your future with continuing education – check out what learning opportunities are open to you.
–        Set personal and/or professional goals for yourself – this makes tracking progress easier (a great motivator for success).
–        Get your resume updated – and keep it that way – you never know when a new opportunity may arise.

Whether you are stuck in a rut at a job that doesn’t seem to deliver exactly what you want, or if you are just looking for a change, use this list of conscious career planning tips to help guide your quest for the perfect position. Contact Permanent Search Group today at 1-905-276-2006.

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